Salmon king fly fishing trips

Fishing the salmon is the dream of a lot of fishermen. Fly fishing this fish, is really a sport! Powerful, tactical, this kind of fishing is enjoyed by most of people who loves this activity and it is the less aggressive for the animal.

In Patagonia chilena, the most famous salmon is the Chinook or King salmon. Its size could be from 84 to 147 cm and weight from 25 to 60 kg.

Saumon Chile

Did you know?

A question was in the head of scientists: is the chinook a salmon from farms that came back in nature?
A DNA analysis has been done on farms species of salmon and wild chinook salmons. The similarities statistics analysis have demonstrated that the DNA of two populations of fishes create to separate and dissimilar groups. It means that the chinook is not a wild evolution of farming salmons but really a species.

Source: Naturalized Chinook salmon in the northern Chilean Patagonia: Do they originate from salmon farming? M. P. Astorga, C. Valenzuela, I.Arismendi and J. L. Iriart

Chasing the salmon

We organize fly fishing trips in the region of Futaleufu, Chaïten, Palena and Lago Verde. All the rivers have salmons which come back in autumn.

6 days trips, you will explore the most beautiful rivers and landscapes:

March 2019 18 to 23 and 25 to 30

  • Rio Futaleufu
  • Rio Espolon
  • Rio Palena
  • Rio Yelcho
  • Rio Figueroa
  • Rio Pico

The prices are from 3900 USD per person for a group of 4 persons.

More information and booking: 

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