Fly fishing trip – December 2018

The first week of December, was the first fly fishing trip of the season. Four clients have participated to this trip with Espolon Patagonia.

The program was to spend 3 days in the region of Futaleufu and 3 days in the region of Lago Verde. We had a wonderful weather and also everybody has enjoyed the time on the rivers.

The first day we started on the rio Futaleufu, closed to the Argentina border. The river was quite high but a lot of fishes have been catched.

The second day, we were on the lake Lonconao. At the start of the summer season, this lake is a paradise for fly fishing. The trouts are jumping out of the water to catch insects. Later in the season, they stay in the bottom of the lake to be in cold water.

The third day has been spent again on the Futaleufu, on another section. Beautiful fishes too!

The fourth day was the start of 3 days on the rivers of the region of Lago Verde. We started with the rio Pico. Incredible experience on a wild beautiful nature.

The fifth day was a big day on the rio Figueroa. Wide, wild, full of fishes, with a traditional dish for the supper: an asado patagonico.

The sixth day, the last one, was spent on the rio Rosselot. Maybe the best scenery we had during all the trip. With a rapid in the middle, this stretch was more than exciting. A beautiful last day.

And to finish this article, some pictures of the region and here, a the link to a nice movie!. Beautiful nature, beautiful experience, clients happy and guides too! Thanks to everybody!

Next dates of fly fishing trips:

  • March 2019:
    • 18 – 23th
    • 25 – 30th
  • November 2019:
    • 18 – 23
    • 25 – 30th
  • December 2019:
    • 2 – 7
    • 9 – 14th

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