Chilean Patagonia, land of nature and adventure

Oceanic coats, volcanoes of the Cordillera andina, blue rivers, green fields with sheep, cows and horses, forests of cohibue and alerce, the Patagonia chilena is a pearl for the eyes and the heart.

Espolon Patagonia gives you the opportunity to discover the Patagonia through adventures activities:

In this place you can do a lot of different activities such as fly fishing, rafting, floating on raft for families with small kids, canyoning, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, horse riding and descovering local handycraft with courses.

Chili is for several years now the destination number 1 for the adventure tourism. Through our travels you will discover the beginning of the Patagonia chilena. You will discover rivers, peaks, glaciers, thermal springs, fjords and chilled time withe local dishes tasting in a wonderful environment.

Rio Fuy Kayak
Equestrian hiking
Chushuenco volcano

Why to do fly fishing in Patagonia chilena

Rivers in the Chilean Patagonia are a paradise for fly fishing. You will have the chance to do lot of river in a matter of a few Km and do your best cast to catch a nice trout.

From the shore and on a cataraft you have the choice between two kinds of trips: every day a different river section or a lake, or a expedition trip on the rio Palena .

Fly fishing in Patagonia is “catch and release”. In this way, we protect the population of fishes and hope that Patagonia will be a such incredible flyfishing destination for a long time.

Fishes time:

DecemberTrout rainbow, trout brown
JanuaryTrout rainbow, trout marron
FebruaryTrout rainbow, trout brown
MarchTrout rainbows, trout brown – Salmon
AprilTrout rainbow, trout brown – Salmon

Salmon king fly fishing trips

Fishing the salmon is the dream of a lot of fishermen. Fly fishing this fish, is really a sport! Powerful, tactical, this kind of fishing is enjoyed by most of people who loves this activity and it is the less aggressive for the animal.

In Patagonia chilena, the most famous salmon is the Chinook or King salmon. Its size could be from 84 to 147 cm and weight from 25 to 60 kg.

Saumon Chile

Did you know?

A question was in the head of scientists: is the chinook a salmon from farms that came back in nature?
A DNA analysis has been done on farms species of salmon and wild chinook salmons. The similarities statistics analysis have demonstrated that the DNA of two populations of fishes create to separate and dissimilar groups. It means that the chinook is not a wild evolution of farming salmons but really a species.

Source: Naturalized Chinook salmon in the northern Chilean Patagonia: Do they originate from salmon farming? M. P. Astorga, C. Valenzuela, I.Arismendi and J. L. Iriart

Chasing the salmon

We organize fly fishing trips in the region of Futaleufu, Chaïten, Palena and Lago Verde. All the rivers have salmons which come back in autumn.

6 days trips, you will explore the most beautiful rivers and landscapes:

March 2019 18 to 23 and 25 to 30

  • Rio Futaleufu
  • Rio Espolon
  • Rio Palena
  • Rio Yelcho
  • Rio Figueroa
  • Rio Pico

The prices are from 3900 USD per person for a group of 4 persons.

More information and booking: 

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Fly fishing trip – December 2018

The first week of December, was the first fly fishing trip of the season. Four clients have participated to this trip with Espolon Patagonia.

The program was to spend 3 days in the region of Futaleufu and 3 days in the region of Lago Verde. We had a wonderful weather and also everybody has enjoyed the time on the rivers.

The first day we started on the rio Futaleufu, closed to the Argentina border. The river was quite high but a lot of fishes have been catched.

The second day, we were on the lake Lonconao. At the start of the summer season, this lake is a paradise for fly fishing. The trouts are jumping out of the water to catch insects. Later in the season, they stay in the bottom of the lake to be in cold water.

The third day has been spent again on the Futaleufu, on another section. Beautiful fishes too!

The fourth day was the start of 3 days on the rivers of the region of Lago Verde. We started with the rio Pico. Incredible experience on a wild beautiful nature.

The fifth day was a big day on the rio Figueroa. Wide, wild, full of fishes, with a traditional dish for the supper: an asado patagonico.

The sixth day, the last one, was spent on the rio Rosselot. Maybe the best scenery we had during all the trip. With a rapid in the middle, this stretch was more than exciting. A beautiful last day.

And to finish this article, some pictures of the region and here, a the link to a nice movie!. Beautiful nature, beautiful experience, clients happy and guides too! Thanks to everybody!

Next dates of fly fishing trips:

  • March 2019:
    • 18 – 23th
    • 25 – 30th
  • November 2019:
    • 18 – 23
    • 25 – 30th
  • December 2019:
    • 2 – 7
    • 9 – 14th

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